The links below contain course descriptions and syllabi to the courses I have taught in the past or will teach in the near future.  

Office Hours  Spring 2019:
Thursday, 3-5 PM, Derby Hall 3125


Introduction to
Global Politics

This course introduces students to the study of international relations (IR).    The course begins with an overview of IR as a discipline. We then examine various levels of analysis and theoretical perspectives on global politics, such as Realism, Liberalism, Constructivism, and Critical  Theory. The second half of the course applies these concepts to such issues as war and peace, the politics of economic relations, international organizations and law, sustainability and the environment, and human rights.


Data Literacy and Data Visualization

Many, if not most, of the major debates in modern political science revolve around questions
that can be addressed with data.  This course introduces students to those tools and the principles behind their use in the context of applications in political science. It marries the substance of political theory to the methodologies of data visualization and exploratory data analysis. It neither requires nor imparts any statistical background: it is designed to serve either as a standalone course or as a gateway to a more advanced data-analytics class.


Middle East Politics

This course provides an introduction to the politics, society, and culture of the Middle East, with specific emphasis on the Arab world starting in 1917.  In this course, we will discuss and debate some of the most intransigent and controversial problems facing the contemporary Arab world, including democratization, authoritarianism, political Islam, the oil economy, foreign intervention, gender relations, civil war and insurgency, and other topics.